Head off on an adventure with Voxel!

In the process of the creation and launch of the Materio3D brand—a new filament product for 3D printing made entirely in Quebec, MB Design was mandated to develop all branding for the product—from the product’s name to packaging and production, and it turned out to be a full immersion into a new technology that was rapidly expanding and had a bright future. And what an immersion! After the launch of Materio3D, shareholder François Lahey of Voxel Factory asked Marc to be an integral part of their 3D printing company’s core development.

Marc started by conducting an in-depth analysis of the market and researching a unique positioning for Voxel Factory. Once the branding exercise was complete, the studio came up with a logo, new communication tools, a new website, and a booth for trade fairs. To fully understand the challenges and immerse himself in the 3D printing universe, Marc headed to Boston to visit Ultimaker and Formlabs—key global players and manufacturers of 3D printers.

Since then, Voxel and MB Design have formed a close relationship, and the studio is honoured to be an active an ongoing contributor to the brand’s image. This was the kind of project that started like any other—with no end in sight. And in this case, the experience has been nothing but positive! This business relationship is not only captivating and dynamic, it’s also blossomed into a friendship that has taken the adventure to new heights.

PHOTOS: Marc in Boston at Formlabs /The team at the MMTS 2018 Trade Show at Place Bonaventure — Montreal/Opening in Vancouver