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Breathe easy at last… with Budget en ligne!

Let’s talk money. Tired of money leading you around by the nose? Feel like your wallet is in charge instead of you? Given up on getting a budget? Money issues are never simple. But they can be made manageable, so you can breathe easy thanks to a tool that’s revolutionized personal budgets, developed by Sonia […]

digital, technology / 21 Aug 2021

Head off on an adventure with Voxel!

In the process of the creation and launch of the Materio3D brand—a new filament product for 3D printing made entirely in Quebec, MB Design was mandated to develop all branding for the product—from the product’s name to packaging and production, and it turned out to be a full immersion into a new technology that was […]

branding, technology / 21 Aug 2021