MB Design is a creative and communications studio that specializes in producing original works designed for the industrial, cultural, and business sectors. The studio offers such services as brand image, printed graphic design, advertising and relational concepts, interactive solutions (web and apps), and multimedia productions.


Breathe easy at last… with Budget en ligne!

Let’s talk money. Tired of money leading you around by the nose? Feel like your wallet is in charge instead of you? Given up on getting a budget? Money issues are never simple. But they can be made manageable, so you can breathe easy thanks to a tool that’s revolutionized personal budgets, developed by Sonia […]

digital, technology / 21 Aug 2021

Set sail for the launch of the new Molson Ex!

All aboard! To celebrate the launch of Molson Export’s new brand image,MB Design really poured itself into the work. And it wasn’t a task for the weak: 500 Molson representatives and a group of journalists who were used to attending launches of all sorts. To cast off the project, Marc worked closely with Khalida Terrada—a […]

branding / 21 Aug 2021

A Toronto photographer, models from Boston, and a Montreal studio converge on Cape Cod to create a new brand image for Marmara

Flight AC 7502 arrives in Montreal, carrying photographer Christopher Morrison, fresh off a photo shoot in Bermuda. A new adventure is about to begin for him—as well as for Boston models Andrea, Erica, and Eric and renowned stylist and makeup artist Yojanse Jimenez. They are all taking part in the making of a new brand image […]

branding / 21 Aug 2021